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When Class Meets Sport // S500 on Carbon 360 Forged

To get into perspective of what we have today, let’s start off with the car itself. The owner chose the S-Class S500. I tell you it is not the ‘budget’ S300, nor the ‘people mover’ S350; instead it is the vigorously powerful S500. To put it simply, it’s like having a race car engine inside the engine bay of large, posh sedan. Despite the marvelous engine performance, the owner has found a very intruding problem regarding the car: the way it looks. It didn’t look much different from the other S-Class series, despite all the power it had. Well, it was finally time for him to take matters into his own hand and turn this luxurious saloon into a sensational sporty machine.

The sporty journey started with the body of the car. The owner opted for an AMG bodykit, facelifted rear lamps, and a matte body wrap to set the Mercedes apart from the rest. Mind you, to save the time in transforming the car, the entire AMG bodykit has never been painted. The owner instead has decided to put on the sticker wrap right on top of the unpainted bodykit. The matte white color itself is very unique, it’s almost paper like, and it suits the carbon wheels very well.

People these days have been either bragging about concave shapes, step lips, or unique color finishes. Well, what better way would there be to blow everything else out of the water, other than opting for these custom built carbon 360 Forged wheels. These forged wheels have been reinforced by carbon fibre to ensure maximum strength and minimum weight. It’s not just for the looks; it’s a highly engineered art piece.

Moving on from the body and the wheels, the owner installed a set of Brembo brake kit to enhance the car’s braking performance. The red colored calipers contrasted properly with the overall black and white look of the car. A set of Wald exhaust has also been installed to complement the overall theme.

Modification Specs

AMG bodykit
Facelifted rear lamps
Wald exhaust
Matte White wrap

360 Forged CFstraight5 22″
Brembo front 405mm rear 380mm

Additional Infos

About Photographer – Eric Tanzil: “Feel free to contact me ertanzil[at]gmail[dot]com if you want some shoot from me. Thank you.”