Jazzairupdate 02

Airsus Jazz Update // New Wheels and Interior

If you remember, last January we posted a Honda Jazz that has been well equipped with air suspension setup and a turbo kit (link →). The owner is a member of the New Dimension car club. Today Richard sent us several pictures showing off the car’s new updates. Major update can be seen in the interior. A complete re-trim has been done, whereby the brown-color theme has been replaced by a black and white combo. A pile of D.A.D. accessories have also been attached to enhance the interior.

Modification Specs

Custom wide bodykit and headlamp
Dupont Super Deep Black + Spies Hecker Candy REd

Project U Big front brake 4pot 280mm
Wilwood Mini rear brake 4pot 280mm
Work VS SS 18″x9.5-10.5 ET 26-32 PCD 5×114
Accelera 215/35/18 – 225/35/18 tires
Airlift rear suspension
Universal Air front suspension
Universal Air compressor
Airlift tank
Solenoid Air Runner

Garett Turbo
Custom piping
GReddy turbo boost and timer
Custom intercooler
HKS blow off
HKS air intake
HKS oil cooler
Dastek Type Q
Custom header and mufflers

Pioneer AVH P3100DVD head unit
Domination Futura F50 speakers
Vifa Logic midbass
AVT center speaker
Custom crossover
Sony Xplod surround speakers
Braxton power 4-channel
Integra NT1500D monoblock
Rockford Punch P1 subwoofers
Pioneer DEQ P7650 sound processor
6.5″ TVs x 4
Intersys Cap Bank x 3

MB Tech Superior black and white trim
Custom front table
Custom headrest TV
D.A.D perfume
D.A.D pedal set
D.A.D shoulder pad
D.A.D tissue and CD cases
D.A.D luxury grip assist
D.A.D neckpad and cushion
D.A.D louvre line stone
D.A.D luxury door lock knob
D.A.D glitter shift knob

Additional Infos

Photography by:
Richard A