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Along the Trip // MINI Clubman on ADV.1

An empty stretch of highway. A cross-city trip that awaits. A fun-filled weekend that’s coming up. Overnighter bags that are all packed up, sunshades hung on the crew-neck and a sun hat worn to tame the day. All is good and ready to go. It’s the holiday spirit that has kept us alive in this New Year day. The passion to refresh, rejoice and rethink of our plans for this upcoming and thrilling 2015. But all these won’t be complete without the presence of an equally exciting method of transport. Meet the MINI Clubman. The perfect contender for the day.

Larger. Comfier. More practical. Yet with all MINI’s quirks and excitements. The MINI Clubman is the modern day reinterpretation of classic MINI’s Traveller lineup. A platform built for those seeking more lenient storage spaces out of the compact British icon.

More doors. More fun. There’s only a limited amount of stuffs you can fit into a regular MINI. Your dog, for example, would have got to be out of the question for a cross-city trip in a regular MINI. With the Clubman, however, you can pack a pair of them in the trunk comfortably. All thanks to the Clubman’s 24cm longer body compared to the regular.

Then there’s the funky ‘barn doors’ right at the back. Providing an easy access to all storage spaces the MINI has to offer. I don’t know about you, but seeing one of these rolling on the streets is a fascination in its own. A design style that hasn’t been adopted way too often by other car manufacturers. And finding them on the already-quirky MINI simply adds up to all the eccentric experiences.

With all these practicalities, seems like MINI is trying to beat the Golf in its hatchback kingdom. But wouldn’t the Golf still be more reasonable? It’s larger, roomier and also faster in the GTI/R flavours. Reasonable, yes. Practical, yes. But where’s the fun?
Just like every other MINI model introduced, it’s never about logics and numbers. It’s the affections and excitements of being the slightly irregular and odd kid.

It’s the thrill of driving British-heritage pride and joy that puts a smile on everyone’s faces. If the Golf’s a gentleman in a t-shirt and trousers, then MINI is the younger spirited folk wearing striped shirt and cotton shorts. Ready for work and play, in style.

Today’s Clubman captured by Winston has even been personalised even further. Mostly apparent from its lowered stance and three-piece ADV.1 wheels, today’s MINI owner has added his own flavours of fun into the mix. Aesthetics-wise, the ST Coilover-lowered Clubman has been given an all-round black chrome and carbon treatment at all the right places.

Interior-wise, DuelL AG prestigious parts can be found sparking up the Clubman’s dash pieces. Sporty and highly-exclusive, these Japanese creations adds a good amount of fun into the cabin for a much livelier experience.

Go-kart handling has been one of the regular MINI’s main selling points. With the Clubman, however, performance has been unavoidably compromised by its larger body. That’s why today’s Clubman owner has decided to install a good amount of air-flow improvement upgrades throughout the engine bay and exhaust systems. Gruppe M intake channels cold air into the engine while NM pipes and Akrapovic downpipe took care of the subsequent hot airs. All supported by the Manic Performance stage 2 ECU tune, which maximises turbo boost while improving engine efficiency.

Modification Specs

ST coilovers
ADV.1 18″x8-8.5
Pirelli tires

Manic Performance Stage 2 tune
Gruppe M air intake
NM upcharge pipe
NM discharge pipe
Forge intercooler
Forge BOV
NM titan heatshield
Akrapovic downpipe
Quicksilver exhaust

JCW bodykit
Black chrome exterior trims
Carbon antenna
M7 carbon scoop
DuelL AG frog kit
Defi gauges
DuelL AG RPM gauge

Recommended Oil
TOP 1 Synthetic Oil (Certified by MINI)

Additional Infos
Photography by:
Winston J
Mobile: +6281932092426