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Full Force // Benny’s K04 & Aired Out GTI on Work Wheels

The mighty GTI. Take a test drive in one and you’ll immediately realize how good it is in combining performance with practicality. Fits five adults comfortably. Looks undoubtedly sporty, especially for the 2-door. Highly tunable 2.0 turbocharged engine. Comfortable German interior. All for the price of an entry level C Class. How much more desirable could it be? Meet Benny, owner of today’s MKVI GTI who fell in love with the most-praised VW model, just after taking a short drive inside a friend’s MKV GTI.

Having previously driven and modded a Toyota Fortuner with 24″ wheels, Benny admitted his urge in owning something much more compact and agile. Something fresh. Something that has everything the Fortuner doesn’t. After searching for a while for an appropriate successor, he finalized the purchase of this sixth-generation GTI. Built on top of the same platform as the MKV, VW treated the MKVI as an opportunity to polish up the MKV’s imperfections. Building an award-winning GTI model at the same time.

No doubt the GTI’s 200HP stock-engine is more than enough to satisfy the appetite of us daily-drivers, but Benny has committed himself in pushing higher HP figures out of the efficient 2.0L engine. Weapon of choice came down to the APR K04 turbocharger kit, which has been rated for 360HP. Yes, over 350HP with 382 ft-lbs torque, now those are some serious performance figures for the compact FWD GTI.

Complimenting the APR turbo upgrade is a line-up of drool-worthy parts, from Akrapovic exhaust, VWR big brakes to APR intercooler. All of which are important in making sure the platform can still keep up with all the power upgrades.
Currently living in Bandung, it took Benny quite a few trips to Jakarta to complete his build. From installing turbokit to setting up the delicate air suspension system. These are the kind of tasks you simply can’t rely on your oil-change workshops. All these were done within Benny’s 1.5 years ownership of the ride.

Not wanting to be just another performance-oriented GTI, Benny also took a rather serious share of works in the “Form” department. Residing under the fenders are a set of 19″ Work Meisters that’ve been nicely tucked, thanks to the AirRex air suspension. And the cherry on top is the mean green shade of Plastidip sprayed all over the GTI’s body. A Full Force combo of a definite head-turned. Fast, slammed and eye-catchy.

Modification Specs
APR K04 turbocharger kit
APR intercooler
ATP downpipe
Akrapovic turbo back
VWR big brakes
Pipercross intake
Neuspeed discharge aircharge
Pivot boost meter

AirRex air suspension kit
Work Meister S1 19″
Toyo tires
Golf R bodykit
Carbon splitters
Carbon diffuser
Green Plastidip

TOP 1 Synthetic Oil

Additional Infos
Photography by:
MexArt Photography Bandung