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Slidefest 2014 Official Photo Coverage Part 1

The moment you’ve been waiting for. I’ve finally received the first batch of Slidefest 2014 pictures from our very own photographer Charles J.
A festival of drift, meet and fun, Slidefest 2014 was the definite great way to start the year of 2014. From aired-out VW to ultra rare JDM rides to British supercars, the meet was as crazy as the actions on the track. From amateurs to pro drifters to Street Society stars, I truly don’t think that such a formula has ever been executed before. 8 March 2014, from 9AM to 9PM, the day we’ve infused another freshly crazy idea into Indonesia’s automotive scene. Jointly organized with Banana Auto, we have successfully combined a drifting festival with an outrageous car meet.

The famous frozen grey M3 sporting a gorgeous set of TE37 SL Black Edition. BMW’s look so right wearing Rays wheels these days.

Another famous ride often spotted on our blog. Franky’s outstanding Evo build.

The VIP parking area was filled with our community partner’s rides. From Nuvolks, 86ID, EVO.ID, Sportscar Community, Indo MINI Club, Morning Call to MOCI. Over 120 highend and performance vehicles can be found in this area.

Danny’s 6 series has surely become one of Slidefest’s most popular rides. Sporting a Slidefest graffiti on the hood while taking home the prestigious “fastest on Slidefest track” award for community timed laps.

Looks like our friend has just given his new ride a fresh layer of finishing. Surely a head turner.

Nanda has constantly amazed us through his outrageous, aggressively fitted BMW builds. His E30 was no exception.

The Morning Call family came all the way from Bandung for the meet. Nicholas’ Scirocco was, for sure, one of the most nicely wrapped rides on that day. Uniquely blue.

Also from the Morning Call family, another ride that belongs to the rare and high performance category.

Mic Wong’s new ride was pretty neat, also becoming a plastidip wheel color spray demo on that day.

A pair I’m pretty sure you haven’t seen too often. Different era, different continent, but one same belief in all things proper.

Quite a few outstanding JDM rides can be found at the Exclusive Car area. Including Rezka’s Evo sporting the aggressive Voltex wide body kit.

Davin Elika’s Scirocco looking gorgeous with its new set of wheels. Rays G25!
We still have hundreds of Slidefest 2014 pictures being edited. Stay tuned! Make sure to checkout Instagram hashtags #hawknpoke, #slidefest, and #slidefest2014 in the mean time.

Slidefest 2014 is a creative automotive event organized by Hawk’n’Poke and Banana Auto. A collaboration of drifting festival and a proper car meet, it wasn’t like any other automotive events out there. More info: Slidefest website.

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Photography by:
Charles J
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