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Permaisuri Thursday // Evoque on DPE Elite 7

With so many Permaisuri customers wearing DPE wheels, I’m pretty sure this Jakarta-bound dealership must’ve been one of DPE’s finest worldwide partners. From Rolls Royce to a Ferrari, to a MINI Countryman, we-ve seen Permaisuri executing some greatly designed DPE wheels on highend vehicles. On today’s Permaisuri Thursday they presented us with their latest creation: the Evoque on DPE Elite 7.

Ordered in a tinted-brushed finish, these bold-spoked luxurious gems suited the Evoque’s monochrome color-scheme very nicely. I especially admire Permaisuri’s pairing of such a color with the Evoque’s bumper trims. Almost looked like as if they’ve been color-matched. Specifically designed with luxury SUVs in mind, these Elite 7 jewels are available in diameters of 21″-23″.

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Mods Specs
DPE Elite 7 Tinted Brushed 22″x9
Yokohama Parada 265/35
KW Springs

TOP 1 Synthetic Oil