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Achievements Unlocked // DMC Aventador on PUR

I’ve met a lot of people these days who are getting lost in the midst of their own busy schedules. Lives unbalanced, dreams forgotten. Trying to get hold of everything while not actually focusing on anything. Throwing so many darts so fast that none hits the bullseye. Some claim they lack the skills, others don’t even know what has happened. What I’m presenting you today is the exact opposite. The DMC Aventador on PUR wheels. A pinnacle of success. A triumph of engineering. The marvelous result of a very focused vehicular planning and development. A reward that you too can unlock if you start doing the right things at the right moments.

Let me start with the wheels. Today’s featured supercar is rolling on a set of PUR RS05 wheels. PUR. A brand name recently established, yet has been majorly acclaimed as one of the greatest contenders in the industry. Do you know that the company was founded by a 3D graphic designer, a web developer, and a commercial architect? None of them has the “plenty of years experience in the automotive industry” resume that other wheel manufacturers keep on priding themselves in the “About us” pages. What makes the PUR team so successful is their thoroughly focused and visionary company principles. They will never mass produce their wheels, and will only design wheels for each specific supercar application; with most design inspirations coming from the world of architectures.

Inspiring isn’t it? How these founders combined their different talents with their passion for automotives, and built a successful company out of it. Despite not having much automotive-related backgrounds to start with. A prime example of what you too can achieve, given the right plans and an undisruptable willpower. All your talents and hobbies and passions combined together to writing the perfect success stories. Plan well and dream big.

Also in this featured article I would like to introduce to you our newest photographer in the team: Fido G (Fidoklik). As you might’ve heard, we are expanding our team base and coverages for this year of 2014, so it comes naturally for us to invite Fido into joining the crew. An IT graduate, soon-to-be aviation post-graduate car enthusiast with a strong passion for photography. Started humbly carrying his camera in 2009 and now capturing this wonderfully built Aventador. Achievement unlocked. From just-another-man-with-a-DSLR to becoming a reputable hobbyist photographer whose works have been published at GTspirit.

From a wild supercar to becoming a radical exotic build. A set of DMC Spezial Version bodykit has also been installed onto this Celeste Phoebe (Baby Blue), finished off with a valvetronic controlled IPE exhaust system. The perfect companion to the already-aggressive body lines and exhaust notes that Lamborghini has designed. Turning the whole system up from 10 to 11. All works were done delicately by Premier Autowerkz, another Indonesian-workshop success story in the making. Started as a tuner for everyday vehicles, and slowly becoming a respected supercar customizer.

So what do you think? Are you still going to immerse yourself in the world of tight schedules, zero life-planning and “we’ll see what we can do tomorrow” approaches, or are you going to start planning and making dreams a reality? Every big companies out there started small. But given the right visions and resources, anyone can have the chance of living the dream.

Modification Specs
DMC Spezial Version bodykit
PUR RS05 wheels
IPE Exhaust System

Additional Infos
Photography by:
Fidoklik (Fido G)