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Lavish Desires // BMW 3 Series F30 on Vorsteiner

Take all that’s among the best F30 parts out there and put them into one top-of-the-line 3 Series sedan. That’s what we are having today. Brembo. Vorsteiner. KW. M-Performance. Akrapovic. On the new 335i. A combination of finest products out there coupled with BMW’s 3.0L turbocharged engine, essentially turning this compact sedan into one aftermath of lavish desires. Sleek. Cunning. Lively. And nifty. Yet at the same time meagerly understated. The perfect companion to any activities during the day, from morning runs to evening dines. With such a staggering mod-list, this, then, for sure, is one of the best F30’s out there.

Introduced in 2012, BMW has given its new 3 Series an array of contemporary features whilst maintaining some of the bests that the E90 has. Refined rear end (those rearlights don’t look out of place anymore!). New materials. More electronic assists. Grown up dimensions (yes, it’s getting bulkier). Those are among the highlights, but what’s most prominent is the newly designed front fascia. Bold headlights combined with sleeker kidney grilles. Wide and cunning. For some, this is simply the top-most reason to upgrade from the timid-looking E90.

Among the other premium Europeans in our country (such as Mercedes and Audi), BMW has quietly been known for its sportier lineup compared to the two. Whilst Mercedes has focused more on its luxurious image and Audi on high-tech-y looks/features, BMW has always been promoting its expertise in driving dynamics. Performance figures. Cornering capabilities. Electronic assits. All to give the liveliest experience for drivers to connect with the road. And the 3 Series has been known for ages as one of BMW’s best platform at that, due to its compact body. However, with the F30, word around is that BMW seemed to have gotten onto a slightly different route. Aspects like larger dimensions, heavier weight and softer suspensions have left some enthusiasts frowning with the F30’s ‘more comfort than performance’ feel. But is it true?

Well perhaps they’re right. Maybe it is BMW’s intention to enlarge its market share by making the F30 more attractive to the majority of 3 Series buyers: the daily drivers. Not the performance enthusiasts (let’s face it, we are minorities). Selling more 3 Series to the majority while selling more M Performance parts to the enthusiasts as upgrades. A win-win solution for the company! After all, with those sheer number of aftermarket parts and OEM upgrades out there, the aggressive-looking breed will still surely be alluring to the enthusiasts. And today’s F30 is the perfect example on how to turn the F30’s dial deeper into its performance traits. Too soft a suspension? Today’s F30 owner has replaced them with a KW DDC system which enables suspension-dampening changes that can be made through the push of a button. Coupled with a Hydraulic Lift System that allows suspension heightening as necessary, KW has achieved the fine balance of form and function for the car.

Too far a braking distance? A set of Brembo 380-front 345-rear brake upgrades have been installed for maximum performance, coupled with the aggressively fitted 20″x9-11 Vorsteiner wheels. These are the owner’s favorite aspect of his car. And for sure most possibly one of the greatest setups around town.

All these upgrades, however, didn’t come easy. Being a newly released vehicle resulted in long waiting times for parts to be developed, made available, and shipped to Indonesia. Even the M Performance bumpers, for example, which were designed for M Sport trim, have to be retrofitted because Indonesia’s 335i comes only with a Luxury trim. Despite all these, among the future mods are 3D design front lip and rear diffuser, “’cause the M Performance parts are getting too mainstream”, owner said.

Modification Specs
Vorsteiner VS400
20×9 (+30) 245/30/20
20×11 (+44) 285/25/20

Brembo GT BBK
Front: 6 pot 380×32
Rear: 4 pot 345×28

Akrapovic Exhaust System

M-Performance Front Lip
M-Performance Rear Diffuser
M-Performance Side lip
M-Performance Carbon Rear Spoiler
M-Performance Carbon Side Mirror
M-Performance Black Front Grill

M-Performance Dry Carbon interior trim
M-Performance Carbon Shift Knob

TOP 1 Synthetic Oil (Certified by BMW)

Additional Infos

Photography by:
Charles J
Automotive Photographer based in Jakarta and Singapore.
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