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#MORNINGFLICK 2013 Coverage Part 1

It’s finally here! The #MORNINGFLICK photo coverage. Winston sent me these #MORNINGFLICK pictures he’s been working on since last week. For those who’re still wondering what #MORNINGFLICK is, I suggest you check out this link. In short, it’s a car gathering + private screening of Fast Furious 6 arranged by Hawk’n’Poke X WOLLSDORF exclusively for automotive enthusiasts. Plus, there were also for-fun car awards being given and an Instagram competition. Held at XXI Plaza Senayan on 25 May 2013, 535 movie seats (4 theaters) were fully booked for the event despite the very very early screening time of 9AM. Nevertheless, #MORNINGFLICK turned out to be one of the best car gatherings Jakarta has ever seen. Quality of rides everywhere were simply stunning. From superclean road scrappers to super Euros to a classic hot rod, the gathering was infused with that element of surprise.

Kenji’s superclean minty Fiesta. Winston took great pics, for sure, but trust me, this fresh Fiesta looked even better in person.

GTR Owners Club joined the meet with their performance built Godzilla’s.

Rudy from EuroTech registered the E60 club into the gathering. Unarguably the F10 might’ve been one of the best designs BMW has ever made, but surely E60’s are here to stay. One day we’ll call them classics.

Lukman (not pictured) lead the 86ID club entry into Plaza Senayan. GT86’s are definitely growing in popularity here in Jakarta.

McLaren Jakarta joined #MORNINGFLICK as VIP guests. I’m liking the curves and tech-y looks that these McLaren’s have.

Also attending the meet was the “90’s Indonesia Cars” club. Keeping things original and proper seems to be a very good way in preserving these soon-to-be vintages.

No, those aren’t fake decals. Akram does frequently race on tracks with this very same Yaris.

Standing there, just looking at the queue, has left plenty of smiles on our crew’s faces. #MORNINGFLICK was definitely a moment to be remembered.

SpeedCreed came with their plethora of sports and super cars. Ear drums started ringing in excitement once these performance breds arrive.

Some say he has nine lives and others believe he got his name from his driving skills. All I know is he’s called Jetro. He’s leading the Nuvolks convoy into the meet.

The fitment scene was really apparent as we walked around ANAK KOMPLEK parking area. Some very impressive showstoppers were there.

The famous HRE Vintage MINI. Oh, and there’s Lukman-86ID’s Metallic Fusion Orange 86 in the background.

Out of nowhere a very unusual exhaust note knocked on our ears.

Several Ferrari’s turned up on that day. I also remember seeing a matte blue 458. Will post the pics in next articles.

First time seeing Signal Kustom’s orange Lambo in person. It was pretty neat!

R35’s are cool. But I’m still pretty much stuck with the R34’s. Favorite GTR of all times.

Gathering of cars might be cool and we might’ve even liked to stay in the parking area all day. But let’s not forget what the event was all about: watching Fast Furious 6 together!

I met Mike Sheehan, Managing Director of WOLLSDORF Leather Australia, as we were planning the meet. What a great guy he is. His passion for leathers, and WOLLSDORF leather in particular, is so prominent that I’m pretty sure one’ll end up being a fan of WOLLSDORF after talking to him.

Mike and Oscar. Oscar is CEO of Vertue Corp, sole agent of WOLLSDORF here in Indonesia. Edy (not pictured; I’ll have to look for his pics and post them in the next articles) is the Vertue Corp President and together with his team they have definitely done a great job in representing WOLLSDORF here in Indonesia.

One of the theaters. Filled with plenty of automotive enthusiasts, eagerly waiting for Fast Furious 6 to be projected onto the screen.

While everyone’s watching the movie, our team went back to the parking lot to shoot some more interesting finds. Pictured is Octa Orange Garage’s Bimmer looking as awesomely red as always.

Bakajin brought to the meet his newly wrapped matte Bayside Blue R34. It’s a matte clear wrap covering the car’s original Bayside blue. Stunning.

Some more GTR love from GOCI folks.

I’ve always loved big bodied sedans on large classy wheels. This 7 Series on Vorsteiner is no exception.

Been wondering what the hot rod was? It’s a 1932 Ford Roadster Phantom brought by Ronny Liman, owner of Show Car Garage. With Mopar engine and electronic-controlled shaved doors, it’s one of the most stunning beauties on that day.

I’ll post more #MORNINGFLICK photo coverages in the upcoming days. Don’t worry if your ride hasn’t been pictured here, we are saving them for next articles. We have a video coverage coming up too!

HnP will also continue in creating awesome events! Don’t miss out on our next killer gathering.

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Photography by:
Winston J
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