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M Owners Club Indonesia (MOCI) Challenge Day April 2013 // Part 1

Sentul, April 6, 2013. What a day to be remembered. A day that enticed all eardrums with symphonies of exhaust notes. A day when all ponies broke loose from their on-paper figures. A day enthusiasts can put the pedals to the floor, tasting the ultimate spine biting force of their rides. It was an action packed track day attended by hundreds of high performance rides from M Owners Club Indonesia, Ferrari Owners Club Indonesia, Lamborghini Club Indonesia, Porsche Club Indonesia, Super Car Club Indonesia, Nuvolks, and MINI Club Indonesia.

All attendees from participating clubs were allowed to register for both the drag and track sessions. Event started around 8 in the morning, preceded by casual gatherings at the Cibubur Rest Area earlier that day.

A line up of Porsche Club Indonesia members’ cars.

The very rare, quite possibly one and only Z8 in Indonesia showed no remorse for going ’round the rough track.

Participants were paired with comparable opponents for the drag race. Here’s an M5 vs GT3. What’s your pick?

Arriving bulls literally turned every heads within 100MTR radius.

Matte black is definitely the sickest color for the Aventador.

A race spec Gallardo making a cameo appearance in the pit stop area. The car’s literally within millimeters off the ground.

Though MOCI was the organizer, all kinds of makes were allowed to participate. Even quite a few AMG’s showed up, including a few SLS gullwings.

Easily one of our favorite BMW’s for the day. The fitment of those BBS’s are just right.

M3’s looked right at home on these tracks.

Liveried M safety cars.

Factory-fresh looking exotics being pushed to its full potential on the track.

MOCI Challenge Day 2013, a great opportunity for M cars to show off their performance. Earning respects from higher-priced exotics while MINI and VW owners drool over them, possibly having those M’s as their future rides. We’ll return with Part 2 with more on-track actions.

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Photography by:
Charles J and Winston J for