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One Fat Fit // Abdee’s Jazz on CCW Classic

Counting the number of Jazz’s in Jakarta would be as easy as counting the spots of a Dalmation. Honda has sold thousands of them and I bet hundreds can be seen during your daily trip to work. Plagued by such substantial population, a lot of Jazz owners have gotten creative and started prepping out their rides like no other. Quite a lot did the JDM look, while few started living the stance scene and some others ended up living the contest-car life. Abdee’s Jazz we are featuring today isn’t like any of those. It’s striking violet pigment shines like a blooming orchid within a monochromatic world, with its set of CCW jewels being the center of it all.

Abdee was one of our GENESIS car show participants. He intended to have these CCW wheels as a surprise for the GENESIS day. It wasn’t until a couple of days before GENESIS that he installed these wheels. The previous set of jewels was a set of HRE wheels. Permaisuri was the shop which he trusted in dressing up this beloved Jazz with the CCW jewels.

First gotten his hands on the Jazz, Abdee intended to convert his into a Fit, installing as many Fit parts as possible over the Jazz’s body. It’s the OEM+ route of modification. However, along the way he was faced with plenty of challenges in obtaining Fit parts. His friends even suggested that it would’ve been much easier if he had bought a Fit instead, rather than turning the Jazz into a Fit. The Fit parts wouldn’t have been very noticeable anyway. So he changed his route, went with a daring violet repaint + bling wheels instead.

Check out Permaisuri for their latest stocks of automotive jewels: Permaisuri

Honda Access USDM front grille
DeBeer Violet Candy
DeBeer Varnish HS
Custom tailgate
GE8 Modullo rear wing
OEM Honda fit head lamp
OEM fit retract mirror
OEM add on Honda Jazz VTEC
OEM brake lights Honda Jazz i-Dsi 2007
OEM 3rd brake light Honda Jazz VTEC 2007
Shaved rear wiper
Shaved antenna
Webasto sunroof
Mugen door visors
HID 6000K
OEM Honda Fit USDM steering wheel
OEM Honda Jazz GE8 map lights
OEM Honda Integra Red Recaro
OEM Honda Jazz VTEC rear seat
OEM Honda Jazz VTEC door trim
Honda Access tonneau cover
Type R shift knob
Custom car matt

HKS Silent Hi Power GD3 muffler

Alpine 9887 head unit
Cresendo Opus 3
Rockford sub and power

CCW Classic 17″x9-10
Achilles 205 40 17
Accelera 215 40 17
Custom rear camber
Custom shock & spring
PCD conversion to 5×112
R40 lug nuts

TOP 1 Synthetic Oil

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