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Bonkers // Fiat Abarth 695 Tributo Ferrari

Small, loud, striking, and genuinely expensive. Brembo brakes? Check. Variable exhaust? Check. Limited edition? Check, only 299 units for this yellow version. Sabelt racing seats? Check. All these plus a 180HP Abarth-ft-Ferrari tuned 1.4L engine inside a 1000Kg tiny micro car. Price tag? Last I checked it was around Rp 800 million. “Whoa that’s a hefty price tag,” you’d say? Well, in a way, it is as much of a car as a “Ferrari merchandise”. One helluva expensive Ferrari polo, I’d say. The kind of merchandises one would buy to compliment one’s love for Ferrari, or to live the brand, or perhaps to dream of living one.

After posting a couple of articles surrounding the GT86’s, I came to find a peculiar similarity between this micro-yet-fashionably-limited-edition car with Toyota’s iteration of an affordable sports car. Yes, I’m aware that one has a ridiculous price tag while the other has been priced to sell like hot cakes. Yes, the 695 is a micro car unlike Toyota’s four-seater. But there’s one thing that they have in common: they’ve both been built to bring back the idea of fun-driving. The way one can feel fast, nimble, and swift without having to be propelled by million-horsepower engine underneath the bonnet. The Abarth has a 0-100 time of 6.9. That’s no where as fast as any of the Ferrari’s out there, despite having “Tributo Ferrari” in its name. But what Fiat has done with the carbon interior, the bucket seats, the variable exhaust, and all fancy stuffs have piled up to a very exciting and livening driving experience. The kind of experience that Ferrari owners must’ve been accustomed to.

A good friend of the Abarth’s owner came up to our photo shoot to have us take some quick snapshots of his BMW. Guess what, he’s selling the 3 Series to make way for his upcoming GT86. What a perfect pair!

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