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The Apex // Skyline on Nismo Edition Volk

The more I get to know the Indonesian car culture, the more I feel like I’m becoming a part of the minority. I despise wannabes (Lancer with Evolution badge? Stay away), I don’t personally like body conversions (Lancer to Ferrari? You’re fooling yourself), I pay 0 respect to those 5 Series diesels wearing M5 badges, I’ll say you’re cheap if you put those BBS caps on fake BBS’s, and upmost, I detest floral/tribal stickers on cars. The Fast and The Furious (2001) era is over, get over it. Those neons would be of better use on top of your fish tank rather than underneath your car. Oh and here’s the link to the 6th F&F sequel trailer if you haven’t seen it: Youtube.

Perhaps I’ve been visiting international sites too often, been on their discussion forums too much, too many hours spent browsing Stance:Nation, Canibeat, Speedhunters and StanceWorks, met too many trolls. Perhaps I’ve been brainwashed by the massively accessible worldwide perspectives towards automotives. Despite the outrage some of you might have expressed over my previous sentences, I’m still particularly glad that there are still people who shared and supported my perspective. All of my photographer friends are standing by me for this perspective and this is why hawk’n’poke has and will always be living on top of this principle.

Given the critical principals and views that the hawk’n’poke team has developed overtime, we often get faced with some not-so-easy decisions. We have to make sense of every single car we post at Fake wheels? That’s a definite no for a featured post. Fake body kits? That’s an unavoidable fact for the Indonesian automotive scene. See, we do sometimes have to get our head around the idea of making compromises. Making reasonings for every post. This leads us to the Skyline we are posting today. While you might’ve thought of it being an R34 GT-R, it is in fact isn’t. It is a GT-T that’s been built to surpass the R34 GT-R. I’m glad the owner decided to not put a GT-R badge on this very very very well-built machine (look at the specs yourself at the end of this article). I don’t detest GT-T which is wearing a GT-R bodykit, because it isn’t wearing the GT-R badge. It isn’t trying to be a GT-R, it simply takes the GT-R body look because, just admit it, they do look good!

A lot of media posted this particular Skyline as a GT-R. A lot of media do not share the perspective we have. I still remember Charles telling me while he was live reporting from a contest, that he’s the only person among other photographers who were not particularly excited in taking pictures of the contest King. Other medias were all over the car like paparazzis sniping Lady Gaga, while Charles was busy taking pictures of a neat Subaru instead.

I’ll say this straightforwardly: I would’ve liked the car better if it has absolutely no graphic stickers. However, given the fact that the look that the owner’s after is a racing look and he’s also been aiming for trophies at contests, I’d take it as a good excuse. See, that brings us up to another point I’ve found: these days some Indonesians are building their cars around contest criteria. They are dedicated to win. I’m not saying that’s bad, it’s actually a good spirit; I just think that sometimes it has caused us to lose sight in what’s keeping modifications true: doing things the way we, the owners, like it. Heck what others think about it, in fact, heck what I think about it.

Modification Specs

Carbon fiber hood
Carbon fiber top grille
Carbon fiber front diffuser
Carbon fiber sideskirt
Carbon fiber rear diffuser
Carbon fiber Gannador side mirrors
Carbon fiber fender molds
Carbon fiber add on trunk lip
Carbon fiber add on rear bumper
Tommy Kaira style carbon fiber side diffuser
Custom R34 GT-R body kit (metal fenders)
Custom body shell, under tray, add on pillar and wing
GT-R headlamps and taillights
SARD front and rear tow hooks
Akzo Nobel QM1 White with multilayer clear coat finish
Top Secret hood pins
Garax by Nobuteru Taniguchi drift gadget monitoring

Bride carbon kevlar Stradia II Low Max
Bride R34 GT-R subframe
Carbon center panel
Carbon defi housing
Carbon shift housing
Nismo combination meter gauge cluster
Nismo replacement key
Nismo S-Tune shift knob EF500 titanium
Nismo ornaments
Nismo pedal set
Defi gauges
Nismo speedometer high speed model
Works bell rapfix tilt short boss
Takata 4-point seat belt
Nardi deep corn steering wheel
Cockpit driver panel drifting
Garax for panel monitor drift
HKS turbo timer
Custom 6-point safety roll cage
HKS Rev speed limiter
toshiba control engine management
Flane tighter
Carbon fiber door panels

Special Crate Engine Tomei Genesis RB25DET
Tomei oilt filter cap forged piston type
Tomei reinforce bolts
Tomei metal head gasket
Tomei bearings
Tomei fuel pressure regulator
Tomei forged piston low compression
Tomei forged connecting rod
Tomei valves and springs
Tomei retainer
Tomei cam gear
Tomei camshaft
SARD gear oil catch tank
SARD oil catch tank 0.6 liter
SARD lower hose adaptor breather tank
SARD breather and reserve tank
SARD injector 700cc/min
SARD low pressure temperature thermostat
SARD radiator cap
APEXi external wastegate
APEXi turbo heat insulator
APEXi turbo kit RX6
APEXi power FC + hand controller
APEXi turbine piping kit
APEXi air filter
HKS blow off
HKS oil cap
HKS fuel rail
HKS electronic idling stabilizer
HKS speed limit defencer
HKS muffler
HKS B-pipe
HKS downpipe
Power Enterprise RX6 turbo gasket ex-out
Power Enterprise fan belt
Power Enterprise Super Kevlar V timing belt
Power Enterprise Super Kevlar V belt fan
Samco Sport silicone hose 3ply
Samco Sport radiator hose 3ply
ATS twin carbon clutch
ATS rear LSD
Blitz Intercooler SE kit
Blitz piping intercooler
AutoBahn88 hood damper
AutoBahn88 engine damper
AutoBahn88 carbon radiator diffuser
FC Dialogit Tuning engine software
Nitrous Express NOS
ATT engine damper
NGK Iriway 9 spark plugs
Custom turbo exhaust manifold
Splitfire direct ignition system coil packs
Nismo quick shift kit
Walbro fuel pump DB15
Billion water temperature sender
Type R fuel pressure
Koyo radiator
Nismo Edition Volk Racing LM GT 19″x9.5-10.5
Volk Racing Duralumin lug nut
Bridgestone NPG high damper coil over shock kit
Toyo Proxes T1R Race Edition
Brembo GT big brake kit 6-pot 380mm front
Brembo GT big brake kit 4-pot 380mm rear
Brembo racing pads compound RB340 front
Brembo racing pads compound RB350 rear
Brembo LCF 600 Plus brake fluid
Mig and Tig chassis spotted welding
Ultra Racing chassis strengthening technology
Ultra Racing front and rear anti roll
Ultra Racing front and rear bars
Ultra Racing stabilizer
Ultra Racing anti dive
Ultra Racing strut tower
Ultra Racing sway bar

TOP 1 Synthetic Oil

Additional Infos

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