Gt86volkrays 01

Show Off // GT86 on Volk Rays

The making of cars these days are often very similar to the making of films. Some were built under low costs and budgets with the expectations of having high margins. Others were built so roughly and unthoroughly by the designers, with timely market entry becoming the only priority. Few are, however, built to represent the rebirth of legends. Designed, built and marketed to exceed expectations. The GT86, I believe, is among these few. I’ve never read a single article about the GT86 that has given it a bad review. Even Jeremy Clarkson liked it, and it’s not often to hear Jeremy liking a 200HP car. The GT86 is, in fact, so well built and marketed that the car is meant to succeed even before it was launched.

What’s sitting on your desktop today is a GT86 dressed up by Permaisuri, wearing a set of no-longer-in-production Volk Rays Triniti. It’s that rare factor of the wheels that sets this GT86 apart from the rest.

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Modification Specs
Volk Rays Triniti 20″x8.5-9.5
Toyo T1R 235/30 front 245/30 rear

HKS Legamax Premium

TOP 1 Synthetic Oil