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Sportscar Community End of Year Gathering

Last week we got invited to attend the Sportscar Community End of Year Gathering held on 30 December 2012. Sportscar Community being the organizer contacted Nuvolks, 86ID, MINI Club and of course Sportscar Community members to gather around as a final gathering of the year. The members were lined up at Automall area as the meeting place and a convoy took place with Mall @ Alam Sutera and Flavor Bliss being the destinations. The cars were all nice and neat, the gathering was relaxed and casual; everybody had a great time.

Subaru, Scirocco, MINI. Japanese, German, British, any make is acceptable at Sportscar Community gatherings.

That black Supra is a definite gem. I’ve always loved black-on-black looks and this Japanese executed it flawlessly.

Liking those newly installed M3 side mirrors on Iwan’s E90.

What used to be the matte yellow W204 we featured some months ago definitely looks different now with its yellow wrap off. Again, digging the black-on-black look!

On the right is the E Coupe we featured some days ago. On the left is a subject of our next photo session.

One of the nicest and lowest MINI around I suppose.

Orange-black color combo on a clean widebodied Celica. Street racing-look at its finest.

From street racing to elegant blings, the meet definitely had a good variety of quality cars.

A trio of GT86’s. Some has almost completed their builds. Looking forward to having them featured on our site.

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About Photographer – Charles J: “Right now I’m freelancing as an automotive photographer, interested only in cars photography. I would like to shoot my dream car, a GC8 Subaru STI in future. For photography services please contact me jhons.charles[at]gmail[dot]com”