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Some Called It Landshark // Yellow (paint) Z4

From Laguna Seca Blue M3, today we move on to another uniquely colored BMW: a shiny yellow Z4. Yes the color has been achieved through a repaint, but it shines pretty good. You can see the depths and shades in these pictures yourself, they are real nice. A daring move indeed for the owner of this used to be silver-colored Z4.

Some called this newer generation Z4 a landshark, considering its front fascia and side profiles, which resembles those of a shark. Plus, the 3.0 straight six twin-turbo engine beneath the bonnet sprints the car from 0-100 in a comparable time to that of a Porsche Boxster S. Losing the soft top and coupe versions of the predecessors’, the current Z4 is available only in convertible hard top version.

Contrasting the bright yellow body of the landshark is a set of 20″ black Breyton race wheels. I do admit that the car could use some lowering and yellow big brake kit. Nevertheless, the daring yellow repaint I suppose is outrageous enough for this Z4 to be shown off here today.

Modification Specs
Sikkens base coat
Signal Kustom superwet varnish

Breyton Race 20″x9.5-10.5

TOP 1 Synthetic Oil (certified by BMW)

Additional Infos

Photography by:
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