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A Composer // Lamborghini Gallardo on Rennen Forged

Couple of days ago I posted the quite unusual yellow painted Z4 sent in by Mex from Bandung. Today’s ride he sent me is even more outrageous. 1) It’s a Lamborghini. 2) It’s wearing the not-so-usual Rennen Forged wheels of choice. 3) It’s been installed with a set of custom fibre and carbon body parts.

A typical Lamborghini owner these days might have opted for the popular wheel of choice going by the name HRE or ADV.1. One has a reputable history while the other has a very innovative marketing strategy. One has some of the most iconic designs, while the other has sparked the fireworks of forged concave wheels phenomenon. However, instead of settling among those two brands, this particular Lamborghini owner bought these Rennen Forged wheels instead. I’m pretty sure some of you might have never even heard the name Rennen before. I personally have never researched into these wheels before. A quick glimpse across several internet discussion forums, a few short queries to Mr. Google and an hour later, I’ve come to a conclusion: Rennen is on par with those other forged brands out there. They might not have the most attractive web galleries nor videos, but wheel-quality-wise they are fine. These wheels, like most forged ones these days, are made from 6061-T6 aluminum billet cut and put into a 10,000 ton forging press. That’s one great way to produce seriously strong wheels.

Apart from the unusual wheels of choice, the owner of this Lamborghini has walked on another rather unconventional path: installing custom fibre composite and carbon body parts for his raging bull. This set of body parts you’re seeing is perhaps the one and only in the world, catered to this particular owner’s taste.

Modification Specs
Signal Kustom fibre composite and carbon

Rennen R5 Steplips Concave 20″x9-12
Michellin 245/30 325/25

TOP 1 Synthetic Oil

Additional Infos

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