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Different Shade of Grey // 325i E90 on BBS

Go ahead and look up at what most people say in regard to having grey as a car color. It’s as colorless as white and black. Yet white has become such a sporty color and black is still in its eternal people’s-favorite-color state. So what about grey? If black is cool and white is hot, what about grey? Well, let’s face it; most think of grey as being kind of dull and boring. A grey car is simply a car. Neither hot nor cool, just another common vehicle. However, there are certain shades of grey which can be quite nifty when coupled with the right treatments. BMW must’ve been one of those brands having a good lineup of interesting grey colors. They even produce the unique matte metallic Frozen Grey. This E90 we are featuring today sports BMW’s darker version of grey. Coupled with aggressive body, exhaust and wheels setup, William’s 325i has surely stood out among the pack.

William opted for the 325i due to its larger engine compared to the mainstream 320i. With light tuning and Valvetronic exhaust installed, he has obtained a street worthy performance from the 325i. One that has turned his boring daily commutes into an exciting and lively dance between acceleration and exhaust tones.

The aggressive look William was looking for has mainly been attained through the installation of Black Bison style kit and BBS wheels. Coupled with carbon fiber and blackened BMW Performance parts, his grey E90 has turned from being a daily transporter into a head turner. He has even participated in the Hot Import Nights contest with this car.

We have another ride from Simple community looking forward to be featured. We’ll post it when the pictures are ready!

Modification Specs
Black Bison style body kit
Angel eyes 4 pcs (fog lamp)
Lunar angel eyes
Bmw Performance black grill

BBS CH 19″x8.5-9.5
Toyo Proxes 4 ( 235/35/19 -265/30/19)
Eibach Pro-Kit Springs

Full exhaust Valvetronic + titanium tips
Centre pipe custom
Viezu ECU remap
Sprint booster

Additional Infos

About Photographer – Charles J: “Right now I’m freelancing as an automotive photographer, interested only in cars photography. I would like to shoot my dream car, a GC8 Subaru STI in future. For photography services please contact me jhons.charles[at]gmail[dot]com”