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Vintage Love // Mini Cooper S on HRE Vintage

Yes, finally I get to post this gorgeous Mini which I’ve been a huge fan of for a while. It’s sitting on a set of HRE Vintage 505 wheels. Word around is that it is the one and only set on a Mini throughout the Asian region. Lowered on KW Suspension coilovers and enhanced by Akrapovic exhaust system, this Mini is a dream-come-true for all classy-stance lovers.

The HRE Vintage series wheels were launched by HRE last February to excite the market with retro supercars-inspired designs. There’s no better way to describe the wheels other than quoting the brand’s president himself. Alan Peltier, HRE Wheels President said, “These designs take us all back to the ‘70’s and ‘80’s when we were kids falling in love with exotics for the first time and truly becoming car lovers. Capturing all the character and magic of these designs, while ensuring they fit modern super cars and met our current engineering standards, made the project tougher than simply creating replicas of the original cast wheels. We found inspiration in those original designs but created wheels that reflect the HRE of today; wheels that are truly inspired.”

Despite the vintage look of the wheels, one can actually customize every single aspect of the wheels upon ordering. They are buit-to-order with quality and finishing being of upmost importance. It is the Leica of wheels. These designs grow cooler as they grow older.

I personally am an HRE fans by heart, despite the increasing popularity of concave wheels companies. HRE’s reputation and history, in my opinion, have made them one of the most trustworthy companies in the industry. And no, reputation and history are not things that can be built in an instant. Only a company with strong dedication and strict quality control can manage to do so, and HRE has been doing this since 1978.

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Modification Specs

HRE Vintage 505 18″
KW Coilover V3
Akrapovic stainless tail pipe
Toyo PX4 205/40 18