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Group Touring // The Avengers

What will happen to a world that can no longer be sustained by human powers alone? Well, in the comic world, a team of superheroes came to the rescue. In this team, each member has its own superpower and unique characteristic; powers that are independent of one another, yet brought together for the same noble mission. A newly established premium car club in Surabaya recently named itself the Avengers. Each of their cars are unique; some are supercars, others are modified premium cars, all brought together by their same passion and ambitions towards the car culture. Following their frequent visits to auto contests, the Avengers finally decided to arrange this touring we are featuring today. The members’ cars are exceptionally rare; the only Aventador, the only MP4-12C, and the only Hummer H2 limo in Surabaya are among the members of this club.

As many as fifteen cars participated in this inaugural touring event, with Surabaya City – Taman Dayu Resort – Batu City being its route. Guarded by the Military Police’s patrol bike and cars, the touring went well despite the challenges faced in taking the Hummer H2 limo on such a route. Far from wanting to be arrogant, they said, in using the Military Police’s service. It’s simply the most effective solution to organizing a safe and secure convoy for the members.

Another interesting fact about the Avengers is its organizational structure. There are no chief/president of the club nor a vice president; everybody in the club is of equal positions. This is in line with their principle in keeping the members humble to one another, as well as to the society. They don’t want to implement superior positions that would negatively affect the club’s image in society’s minds. The Avengers, in essence, is a group of premium car lovers who are open minded and are also very open towards critics and inputs. The club also hasn’t got their fixed schedule of tourings and events yet. They focus more on having relaxed and casual meets and tours that are arranged in accordance to the members’ schedules.

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