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Black and Wild // E92 M3 on ADV.1

I’ve never thought that there’d be so many modded M3 in Indonesia. Especially one that’s as good looking as this one we are featuring today. I mean, the coupe’s already wearing the prominent M badge and it has often been reviewed as one of the most balanced performance cars in the industry. I thought most owners would be satisfied by such pinpointed perfection. Even Jeremy Clarkson, one of the most conspicuous TV host/writer once said, “M3 is one of the most perfectly balanced machines ever created by man. It makes an F-16 fighter jet look ungainly and lumpen.” But then again, Jeremy went on arguing that such a balance that BMW engineers have achieved has made the car unchallenging, too easy to tame and simply lacking the flair. Compared to its more lively and yet life-threatening rival, the 6.2L C63 AMG, the M3 is definitely a safer bet, and safe bets aren’t exciting. I guess this is where most M3 owners started their journey: they wanted more excitement, more joy, more glamour, and thus started strapping proper parts to their beloved machines. William is one of them and this is his well-built black and wild M3.

The E92 M3 body definitely has one of the best design lines found on a coupe. It has an aerodynamically downward curving front fascia and a slightly upward bulging rear end. It’s sexy. To complement this look, William chose to install a handful of carbon parts. The entire hood has been replaced by a Varis carbon hood, the rear diffusers are made by Vorsteiner also out of carbon, and you can also find plenty of BMW Performance carbon add-on parts attached to the body. Married with the black colored body, these carbon parts have subtly multiplied the sportiness factor of the exterior. They are just right; not eccentric, not flashy, but very matured looking.

Second most prominent area of modification is the footwork. A set of Deep Concave ADV.1 10 wheels filled the wheel arches neatly, supported by a set of KW springs (KW coilovers are on their way). Bright yellow Brembo big brake kit ensures optimal braking performance while gorgeously filling the spokes gaps of the wheels.

Area that is still currently being worked on is the engine bay. William has installed GruppeM intake, Akra exhaust, as well as an ESS tuning system. However, he’s still looking forward to getting more juice out of the 4L V8, through the installation of an ESS VT-600 supercharger kit. I bet the M3 would’ve turned into a completely different beast once that supercharger is strapped to the engine.

I’ve seen quite a few properly modded M3 out there. Would like yours to be featured? Do drop us an email at

Modification Specs

Akrapovic Evolution exhaust system
ESS tune
GruppeM intake

ADV 1.10 DC
Advan Neova AD08
Brembo GT BBK 6-pot 380mm front, 4-pot 380mm rear
KW Springs

LCI tail lights
Lux H8 v3
Blacked out front grill
Black & white BMW round emblems
Carbon side grill
Varis carbon hood
Vorsteiner carbon rear diffuser
BMW Performance carbon duck tail
BMW Performance carbon front splitter

BMW Performance steering wheel

Additional Infos

Photography by:
Winston J
Mobile: +6281932092426