Slkdpe 061

Top Down Gorgeous // Black on Black SLK on DPE

Another SLK R171 arriving on our site. This time it’s from Permaisuri for the Permaisuri Thursdays article. Unlike our usual routine of submitting Stance/Show Off articles for Permaisuri, this time we are doing a fully featured post with plenty of pictures; because apart from the DPE wheels, the owner has also installed several more AMG parts.

Matte black DPE MT20 wheels have been installed by Permaisuri for this black SLK, achieving a gorgeous black on black look.

Black on black theme isn’t always suitable for all cars/wheels. The right ‘mixture’ between the car’s bodylines and the wheels’ design have to be obtained. A bland looking black car combined with bland looking black wheels would have created the disastrous boring/cheap look. However, as of usual, Permaisuri has done it right yet again.

The “natural tree branches” design of the DPE wheels complements the aggresiveness of the AMG brakes and bodykit perfectly. With its top down, this black beauty is definitely a head turner.

Modification Specs

AMG Bodykit

AMG Brakes front 4-pot, rear 2-pot
KW Coilovers V3

Additional Infos

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