Indostance2012 08

Indostance Meet Up // July 2012

A few months ago I was caught in a traffic jam caused by a Ferrari which has gotten stuck on a speed bump. Couple of days ago I saw a lowered R8 struggling to find the right angle to go over a speed bump. Almost every other day I bumped my stock-height GTI on various speed bumps; unthinkable of going any lower. Jakarta streets seem to have become worse daily, plus the traffic. But despite these conditions, there are still plenty of loyal stance lovers out there. One of our photographers recently stopped by to visit the Indostance meet up on 8 July 2012 at Pondok Indah.

BBS and OZ wheels are amongst the most popular wheels in the Indonesian stance scene. Other popular wheels include brand-specific tuner wheels such as AC Schnitzer for BMWs.

The stance scene isn’t all about sedans either, even minivans and SUVs have been joining the party these days.

Unlike the US stance scene which are majorly populated by two-door Fairlady, Silvia, S2000 and the like, Indonesian stance scene seems to involve older and borderline-classic cars.

I truly can’t believe the condition of those tires at first sight. Glad to know that the car is still drivable. Kudos to the courage of these stance lovers in pursuing their passion in the midst of haters that surely exist within the car scene itself.

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Photography by:
Alwafi Auzan
Mobile: 08568428110