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Dark Harmony // Black Bison CLS on BC Forged

Harmony // The combination of simultaneously occurring elements that results in a very pleasing effect

Black CLS with Black Bison Wald body kit on black BC concaves. I bet this car draws attention like a manic black hole in space. While one might not see the details at first sight, a second look would have exposed the aggressiveness of the whole package.

Being a Mercedes fan, William the owner used to own a C Class. Upgrading from his previous ride, he opted for a CLS and immediately decided to put on a set of matte black BC Forged concaves. The combination was quite good at that time: aggressive looking set of wheels on a luxurious looking car; but he didn’t stop there.

The multi spokes design of the wheels reveals a lot of space within the wheels. Therefore William decided to install a set of Brembo GT brake kit. The red color puts up a nice contrast towards the overall dark theme, while at the same time offering a better braking performance.

Not content with the luxurious image of the standard CLS body, William took a look at the Wald offerings. At first he wanted to install the add-on body kit that Wald offers. The plan was changed when Eddy from Inspire showed him the Black Bison full body kit that Wald had just released. This Black Bison CLS kit should currently be the only one in Indonesia.

Modification Specs

Wald Black Bison front bumper with led kit
Wald Black Bison rear bumper with led rear lamp
Wald Black Bison sideskirts
Wald Black Bison front fenders
Carbon ducktail
Wald tailpipe

BC Forged Deep Concave 20″
Toyo proxes 4 tires 225/30 295/25
Brembo GT 8-pot front and 4-pot Rear
Carlsson lowering kit module

Additional Infos

Photography by:
Winston J
Mobile: +6281932092426