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The Pioneer // Mike’s Matte Yellow W204

In the automotive world, trends keep on changing and everybody always wants to be the first at everything. Car manufacturers try their best to be ahead of the competitors; incorporating new features, technologies and ‘geekeries’ into their latest models. Aftermarket parts producers (such as wheels and body kits) also keep on updating their inventories to offer updated list of stylish offerings. The same thing happens at the micro scale: car owners. We as car owners always want to be the first to adapt new things, to be more stylish than the rest, to attract that much more attention than the car we’ve parked next to. What you’re going to see today is a car that has been pushed and driven hard by it’s owner, Mike from Tangerang, to become the first; the pioneer.

One sure thing that will poke your eyes when you look at Mike’s car is the color. It’s a freaking matte yellow color, on a Mercedes. Then you move on to it’s wildly attractive body kit made by Wald under their Black Bison line up. This isn’t something you see everyday. This could possibly the first kind of combination here in Indonesia – matte yellow Black Bison W204. Oh, and surely the Wald carbon hood tops it all off nicely.

Moving on from the exterior; once you look inside the car, you’ll find another aftermarket part that’ll surely strike your attention: a Recaro bucket seat complete with Takata four-point belt. Bam! Who in the right mind would’ve done this, you might say. The bucket seat must’ve taken all the comforts away! Think of it carefully: matte yellow-colored Mercedes with a bucket seat inside; that combination must’ve explained a lot about the owner. Well, here is Mike and his outrageous project that looks stunning from every angle.

If he has to pick one favorite aspect of the car, Mike admitted it would’ve been the emblems. The Wald and Black Bison emblems aren’t ones that can easily be found here in Indonesia. Most of the shops only carry AMG emblems, he said.

Comfort isn’t exactly the top priority for Mike. He has also installed KW coilovers on this W204 to improve its handling capabilities. Coupled with the bucket seats, the car must’ve responded brilliantly during cornering.

A future project that Mike has for his beloved C Class is to upgrade its engine bay, along with the application of better braking system.

Modification Specs

Golden Yellow body wrap
Wald Black Bison body kit (bumper, side skirt, fender, roof spoiler, foglamps, tailpipes)
Wald carbon hood
AMG ducktail
SL grille
HDX Hid 6000k 3 sets
Stoplamp facelift
Wald emblem
BlackBison emblem
Wald Muffler

KW Suspension Competition Series coilovers
BBS CH 19”x8.5-9.5 et 45-42
Toyo tires 19” 235/35, 235/45

AMG pedal set
Takata 4 points belt
Recaro bucket seat

Additional Infos

Photography by:
Winston J
Mobile: +6281932092426