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International Modified Show Bandung 2012

hawk’n’poke event coverage is back with the International Modified Show 2012! The show was held at Bandung Supermal on the 5th-6th of May 2012. Quite a lot of participants joined the event, showcasing their modified rides at the basement parking area. Yes, the entire event was held at the basement parking of Bandung Supermal. Here are some pictures of the participants, sent in by Mexart.

A properly fitted 350Z. You will find a lot of Fairlady Zs within this article.

AC Schnitzer-ed up 5 Series.

A Supra from Excess Motoring. Notice the GTR next to it? It’s the one we featured a while back.

C Class with Black Bison body kit and yellow body wrap.

Pepen’s props and displays at his Civic’s show area are mind boggling. Yes, that’s a cartoon version of himself right there…

…and here is his other ride.

Another Fairlady at the show, with the famous Veilside body kit.

This Jazz is proper! The yellow paint makes a very good contrasts with the wheels.

By now you must’ve thought that I’ve been so biased towards Fairlady Zs. But honestly, they just seem to be the best modified rides at the show.

Yes! Another Fairlady Z. But this time it’s the 370Z, with wheels that are slightly tucked into the fenders.

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