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F10bcforged 07

Dual Tone // F10 5 Series on BC Forged

I tell you, writing articles almost every single day and picking an interesting aspect of a car to talk about have never been easy. Reading the articles are definitely easy. Writing? Not so much. That’s why, while I was looking for an inspiration around this stunning BMW F10, I was struck by an idea. Perhaps I can actually make my …

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Richarde90 07

Alluring // Richard’s BMW Performance E90

Concave wheels have become extremely popular these days. Emerging wheel companies rely on them to create outstanding offerings, while the established ones have updated their line up with more alluring concave designs. Even OEM has now been offering concave designs for their wheels, like the BMW Performance 313 wheels you’re looking at right now. Doesn’t this whole concave trend intrigue …

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E90perf 08

Executive Speedster // 325i LCI BMW Performance

At first sight, you might’ve thought that the ride we have here seemed quite similar to other commonly found BMWs. It’s got four doors, it’s a 3 Series, and aesthetically there’s nothing too gaudy about it. No fancy branded wheels, no aggressive fitment, no colorful body wraps; there’s absolutely nothing about it seems out of place. The modifications, in fact, …

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E90sby 14

One Fine Eurokar // BMW E90 LCI

These days, inspirations for automotive modifications can come from anywhere; it is unlike the old days when people had to rely solely on import and local magazines as the media. The current widespread availability of the internet has allowed enthusiasts to share their passion and inspirations across borders. The build of this particular E90 LCI is one of those that …

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Alpina7 07

A Man’s Passion // Alpina 7 Series

Today’s post is an absolutely spectacular material.

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White Point // ADV.1 BMW E90

Another set of properly fitted ADV.1 wheels this time! BMW 3-Series E90 milik Kemas ini sent in by Winston (for the pictures) and Ilham (for the video).

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Mperf3 11

M Performance Day III // Part 2

Pada article Part 2 ini, tim hawk’n’poke berkunjung ke Sirkuit Sentul untuk menampilkan runtutan acara utama M Performance Day III 🙂 Setibanya para peserta di Sirkuit Sentul, acara pun dibuka dengan registrasi yang kemudian dilanjutkan dengan opening ceremony khusus untuk para M Cars, diawali dengan donuts-drifting oleh beberapa kendaraan peserta. Berbagai M Safety Cars pun disediakan oleh panitia untuk memastikan …

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Mperf3 05

M Performance Day III // Part 1

Hello hawk’n’pokers! Kami kembali dengan ulasan acara M Performance Day III, yang diadakan pada tanggal 12 November lalu oleh MOCI (M Owners Club Indonesia). M Performance Day adalah merupakan acara tahunan yang diadakan oleh MOCI. MOCI adalah sebuah organisasi dibawah naungan BMW Car Club of Indonesia. Para anggota MOCI ini adalah owners dari beragam M performance cars keluaran BMW. Meskipun …

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