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A6cec 01

Show Off // Audi A6 on CEC Wheels

I bet you’ve never heard of CEC wheels before. Me neither. Today Permaisuri sent me this A6 S line sitting on a set of CEC c880 wheels. Uncommon car meets uncommon wheels. Permaisuri has only ever imported 3 sets of these wheels. Claus Ettensberger Corporation (CEC) wheels are made by a tuning company by the same name that has expanded …

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R8gthre 08

Show Off // R8 GT on HRE

I know, I know, it’s not Permaisuri Thursday yet. It’s still Tuesday. Today’s post is actually supposed to be regarding the IIMS 2012, a Part 2 coverage. However, Permaisuri has managed to lure me into posting this Stunning R8. It’s not an ordinary R8 either; it’s the limited edition R8 GT, only 333 units worldwide. It’s lighter, faster, and much …

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A4adv 03

Show Off // A4 on ADV.1

There has always been plenty of options in choosing aftermarket wheels for a car. Similar styles can carry large differences in their price tags, depending on the manufacturer of the wheels. Some owners might opt for the best value-to-quality ratio while others stick to the true and most trusted brands. I’ll say both of those options are okay, as long …

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Audisa4 18

February Wallpaper // The Audis

Untuk bulan Februari ini, kami memberikan dua wallpapers sekaligus: dua Audi A4 yang featured beberapa minggu yang lalu.

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Audisa4 13

Clouds in Contrast // B8 Audis // Part 2

Continuing from the Part 1 article, kami kembali dengan Part 2 untuk memperlihatkan hasil photo shoot dari Audi putih milik Willy dari New Dimension ini.

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Audisa4 17

Clouds in Contrast // B8 Audis // Part 1

Hey hawk’n’pokers! Kali ini tim kami melakukan photo shoot untuk dua mobil sekaligus! The more the merrier! 😀 Yang pertama yaitu Audi A4 hitam dari Garage Club sedangkan yang kedua adalah A4 putih dari New Dimension.

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