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911e63hre 01

Permaisuri Thursday // C2S Aerokit Cup X E63 AMG on HRE

There really is no better way to start the day other than having a pair of highends inside my inbox. Permaisuri sent me these high performance duo wearing P40SC and P44SC HRE wheels few days ago. On one side we have the red hot Carrera S Aerokit Cup and on the opposite there’s this humble looking E63 AMG super sedan. …

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Doublec 01

2 of a Kind // TOP 1 Inspire C Coupe and Sedan

Mercedes-Benz has been one of the most inspiring European automotive makers of all times. They are often regarded to be the pioneers, the barometer, the inspirations to which other manufacturers look at for innovations. Despite its deeply luxurious image, throughout history Mercedes-Benz has also made their name famous in motorsports, including GT races and rallies. Making names and achieving pole …

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Sclasshre 01

High Street // S-Class on HRE

The Mercedes-Benz S-Class. One of the most popular upscale sedans that roam the streets of Jakarta. High rise buildings, CBD areas, golf courses and lavish housing complexes are among the natural habitats of these long wheel-based sedans. Despite their popularity, I still find it difficult to spot ‘heavily’ modified S-Classes. Most owners I knew have simply installed aftermarket wheels on …

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63modulare 03

Mind Trick // CLS63 AMG on Modulare

Fuel economy of 10 liter/100 km. Four doors. 0-100 kph in 4.4 seconds. 550 bhp. Sold as 63 despite its 5.5L engine. On paper these stuffs do not seem to make sense. Borderline impossible to build, possibly going to be difficult to sell. But don’t be fooled. A quick glance at the 2013 CLS63 AMG and you’ll understand why. While …

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Slsdpe 03

Show Off // SLS 63 AMG on DPE

Just when I thought there hasn’t been any modified SLS 63 AMG in Indonesia, Permaisuri sent me these pictures of a sexy red one wearing dark DPE wheels. Compared to the other exotics, the SLS is definitely quite the peculiar breed. It doesn’t look as quick as the Ferrari, nor as techy as the McLaren MP4-12C. Mercedes has decided to …

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Slkdpe 061

Top Down Gorgeous // Black on Black SLK on DPE

Another SLK R171 arriving on our site. This time it’s from Permaisuri for the Permaisuri Thursdays article. Unlike our usual routine of submitting Stance/Show Off articles for Permaisuri, this time we are doing a fully featured post with plenty of pictures; because apart from the DPE wheels, the owner has also installed several more AMG parts. Matte black DPE MT20 …

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E280tiger 15

Americano // Vintage 280E

Let’s travel back in time! Tim hawk’n’poke kali ini menampilkan sesuatu yang truly vintage! Layaknya sebuah Lomo antik di tengah era digital, classic Merc satu ini stays on its roots of authenticity di tengah era hellaflush yang menjamur saat ini. Jika sekilas melihat mobil seperti ini dijalanan, pasti banyak yang berpikir bahwa owner-nya paling tidak sudah berumur lebih tua dari …

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