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Fairladymex 03

Street Dreams // Fairlady 350Z on TE37SL

“Have you ever actually raced it on the track?” I’ve seen a lot of internet trollers and haters raising this question on forums and boards in regard to performance-tuned rides; and it isn’t rare to find these threads filled with angers and arguments fueled by the question. Some argue and mock the modifications as being pointless and nonsensical, because those …

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Grg12 01

Group Shoot // Garage Club

22/02/2012, the date Garage Club was established. That was more than 10 years ago and yet the club is still going strong until today. It currently has 20-30 members who actively participated in gatherings and events. Michael, one of the members, shared that the key to the club’s longevity lies in its regeneration. Regeneration in the sense of actively accepting …

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Bip350z 06

Build in Progress // Matte 350Z

Another Fairlady 350Z at hawk’n’poke! Sesuai dengan judulnya, ‘Build in Progress’, featured car kali ini sebenarnya masih dalam proses modifikasi ketika Eric Tanzil, sang fotografer melakukan photoshootnya.

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Andyz 04

Rolling Low // Supercharged 350Z

This time we’ve got another contribution from Connection community, sent in by Mex. Jika dilihat sepintas saja, sebagian besar orang mungkin mengira kalau 350Z satu ini simply hard parked: all show, but no go. Jangan salah!

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