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Ims2012 01

International Modified Show Bandung 2012

hawk’n’poke event coverage is back with the International Modified Show 2012! The show was held at Bandung Supermal on the 5th-6th of May 2012. Quite a lot of participants joined the event, showcasing their modified rides at the basement parking area. Yes, the entire event was held at the basement parking of Bandung Supermal. Here are some pictures of the …

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Automaxx2012 15

Automaxx 2012 // Part 1

Last weekend, hawk’n’poke stopped by to do a coverage of Automaxx, an auto contest held at Pluit Village, Jakarta.

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Accelerasby2012 05

Accelera Auto Contest 2012 // Surabaya

Helloo hawk’n’pokers!! Surabaya adalah kota awal dari rangkaian Accelera Auto Contest yang memiliki agenda 2012 untuk berkeliling ke enam kota di Indonesia.

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Jakdrift Slidefest // hawk’n’poke Car Gathering // Video Coverage

Finally, video coverage by Ilham is here! Enjoy! Make sure to check the articles coverage of the event if you haven’t

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Imagine10 01

Imagine Autoclub 10th Anniversary

Pada tanggal 18 Maret 2012 lalu, hawk’n’poke hadir pada perayaan Anniversary ke-10 dari Imagine Autoclub yang diadakan di Pantai Indah Kapuk.

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Jakdrifts03 01

Jakdrift Slidefest // hawk’n’poke Car Gathering // Part 3

More Jakdrift Slidefest // hawk’n’poke Car Gathering pictures! Pada Part 3 ini ada lebih banyak penampakan dari stanced cars yang hadir hari itu. Be sure to check Part 1 and Part 2 if you haven’t!

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Jakdrifts02 01

Jakdrift Slidefest // hawk’n’poke Car Gathering // Part 2

The second batch of pictures are in!

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Jakdrifts01 11

Jakdrift Slidefest // hawk’n’poke Car Gathering // Part 1

It’s the article you’ve been waiting for! Ratusan kendaraan modifikasi menghadiri hawk’n’poke Car Gathering yang diadakan pada lokasi Jakdrift Slidefest 24-25 Maret 2012 lalu ini.

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