Who we are

Hawk’n’Poke editorial crew consists of mainly Indonesian writers and automotive photographers who are very passionate towards automotive photography, modification and culture.

We are passion-driven!

We are dedicated to showcasing Indonesian and surrounding Asian countries’ modified rides in the best way possible – through a series of properly executed photo shoots. We believe that the results of such shoots are truly piece of arts.

Most cars featured at Hawk’n’Poke are either located in Indonesia or owned by Indonesians living overseas.

Fredyka Salim

Founder, Creative Director

Eric Tanzil

Co-founder, Photographer

Charles Jhonson

Co-founder, Photographer

Winston Jaury

Co-founder, Photographer

Michael Sanjaya (MexArt)

Photographer, Bandung

Made Jananuraga (Dedenphoto)

Photographer, Bali

Ricky Tjandra

Photographer, Palembang

Donny Noegroho


Edbert Wijaya

Writer, Photographer, Bogor

Fido Gregory

Photographer, Jakarta

Andrew Sudwi

Photographer, USA

Jason Alvin

Photographer, Melbourne

Tanny (JDM Pix)

Writer, Bangkok

Ta Tar (JDM Pix)

Photographer, Bangkok

Skyline Iet (JDM Pix)

Photographer, Bangkok

Daniel Mata

Photographer, USA

Ryu Jang Heoun

Photographer, South Korea

Daniel Jason Karjadi

Photographer, Sydney, Australia

Ervan Sanjaya

Photographer, Los Angeles, USA

What we do

There are several different types of articles at Hawk’n’Poke. Some of them are:

hawk: adjective /hôk/ a section for cars that have mostly been modified with performance upgrades in mind.

poke: adjective /pōk/ a section for cars with substantial aesthetic upgrades – wheels, body kits, audio, and more.

exotic: adjective /igˈzätik/ a section solely dedicated to exotic supercars.

event: noun /iˈvent/ a section covering automotive events in Indonesia.

wallpaper: noun /ˈwôlˌpāpər/ a high resolution desktop wallpaper section, updated monthly.

How you can contribute


Featured Cars – Want to have your car featured? Send us an email to hawknpoke[at]gmail[dot]com. Make sure to fill in the email with your car’s complete specifications plus a couple of pictures.


Event Coverage – Want us to do a coverage for your event? Drop us an email at hawknpoke[at]gmail[dot]com. We are also open towards event partnership opportunities.


Become A Sponsor – Hawk’n’Poke has not been founded with monetary intentions in mind. However, running the site does incur some costs and we’ll be more than happy if you’re willing to support what we are doing. We could also offer you with partnership opportunities in return for your support.


Modifieds For Sale – Have any modified rides you want to sell? Email us. We’ll post it at Hawk’n’Poke and help you sell it.

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