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PlayGround Track Day Korea July 2014 // Photo Coverage

Track days. The joyful times for us enthusiasts to unleash the full potential of our vehicles. While we in Indonesia frequently enjoy our days at the one and only Sentul International Circuit, our South Korean friends have two circuits of choice: the Korea International Circuit and Inje Speedium. One of the most famous track day event over there is the PlayGround track day. The latest race was held last July, and here are some pics sent in by our friend Ryu Jang Heoun.

The event was held in Korea International Circuit, which is famous for the F1 Championship it held, and also Inje Speedium where ‘Asian Le Mans series’ was held. True professional track setups made available to even the most beginner racers. PlayGround provides an interesting opportunity for sports car drivers to fully enjoy their rides every once in a while.

The PlayGround event welcome all kinds of cars. British, German, American, Japanese; there is really no limit as to the type of car allowed to participate. Even bikes are on the track!

Even drift teams are also testing their cars on the same circuit.

The event was more of a fun track day rather than a serious race, that’s why it’s called the PlayGround. A place to joyfully feel the G-forces pulling down your spines while hearing glorious exhaust notes drumming your ears. All within the safely designed circuit and way off the streets.

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Photography by:
Ryu Jang Heoun
Facebook: Ryu Jang Heoun