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Bimmerfest USA 2014 // Photo Coverage

Quite possibly US’s largest BMW festival for the 2014, the Bimmerfest 2014 was attended by hundreds of modified BMW rides, along with BMW’s very own display of the i8 and M4. Held in Pasadena, California on May 17th 2014, the gathering showcased some of US’s finest BMW demo cars and personal builds. From Liberty Walk wide body M3’s to Vorsteiner’s menacing black on black M6. Today we teamed up with the folks behind European Auto Source to bring you this amazing coverage! Thanks to Anthony from EAS for sharing all these pictures exclusively with us.

There’s a reason why BMW’s 120i-series based M’s aren’t called an M1. This right here is the legendary BMW M1 itself. Produced in 1978 to 1981, this is the mid-engined BMW supercar of the 80s.

The German also displayed a pair of its i models. The i8 and i3, a vision-made-into reality concept that’ll soon be hitting the streets.

Quite several demo cars were tuned wildly by each tuner companies, such as this widebody M3 on rad Vorsteiner wheels.

Yes there were a lot of performance tuned rides that day, but some have also been fitted by an aggressive amount of lowering and gorgeous set of wheels. Such as this M3 on step-lipped HRE’s.

Work Wheels USA was also present to showcase their newest lineups. I really like their new 2014 retro-inspired designs.

M3, M5, M6, name all the M’s you can, they’re all here in one single gathering.

The Achilles booth has particularly attracted my interest. Being an Indonesian-based tire manufacturer company, I surely feel happy for them in being able to make their brand popular even in the states.

Sandwiched among all the modern Bimmers is this ultra-cool (at least for me), BMW 2002. Loving that paint job a lot.

The game of stance was also seen plenty of times all over the gathering area. Showing how the event has successfully combined the different modification preferences into one single gathering.

At IND’s booth we saw several of their world-famous demo cars. I’m really digging these colourful bodyworks combined with those Japanese wheels.

Another world-famous ride. AccuAir’s LB widebody M3 estate. Words can’t describe the insanity of the build. From the aggressive bodyworks to the unique wheels colour scheme.

From what I observe, the color choice does have a huge impact on these BMW builds. Another prime example is this very unique purple shade.

Another one of my favourite colours for M3’s. Combined with the classic-spokes wheels and gorgeous brakes setup, it’s functional-meets-form at its finest.

M3’s, M3’s everywhere.

But not all that’s cool are M3’s. Here’s a neat 1M sporting a very sleek shade of blue.

Taking a walk around the area brought us to these E30’s. Perhaps BMW’s most good-looking mass produced vehicle of its time.

Hamann was among the BMW-specific tuners that attended the gathering. I could imagine the M6 looking seductively clean without those stickers when outside the gathering.

Another of IND’s demo cars. They’ve really done a great job in picking the color palettes of their demo cars this year.

Gold chrome E30. Rad and oldschool.

A lot of demo cars that day was pretty impressive. But what’s your say for this giant spoiler on the E46?

The sinister-looking Vorsteiner M6 I mentioned earlier. Expanding from their bodykit business, Vorsteiner has released some of the market’s most gorgeous wheels. Also attracting interests was its black-on-black M5.

Slick tires on another LB’d up M3.

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