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JDM.RUN x EVO.ID Sentul Track Day // Photo Coverage

Where’s the fun in building high performance machines if you can’t drive them to their full potential?
It’s no longer a secret that a lot of us enthusiasts these days are testing our rides on the highways during the wee hours, but what’s even more challenging are the proper track days. Timed laps on the track, where each participant can literally compete for the fastest laps. Having already held countless numbers of morning cruises, the JDM.RUN and EVO.ID crew last week decided to step up their gathering format into a real track day. Enjoy the photo coverage!

The meeting point that day was no other than Panahan Senayan. Starting the cruise early in the morning towards Sentul, the crew arrived at the paddocks area around 8:30AM.

German turbo compact vs Japanese turbo sedan. An interesting mix of cars participated for track actions.

Timeless piece of machineries. The Evolutions on Volk Rays wheels combo will always be here to stay.

About 20 cars participated on the track for timed runs; because a few others were only joining the Panahan-Sentul morning convoy, becoming spectators later that afternoon from the viewing area.

The race format was a time-attack. A friendly match whereby each driver was maintaining his own lap times.

Built to be driven. I’m pretty sure some of these older generation Evolutions are becoming priceless piece of classics in the eyes of car collectors, but here they are still serving their track duties on the circuit.

Due to the hot weather, the crew limited each car’s continuous runs to 4-5 laps. Preventing engine overheats and potential problems.

Mostly rare; packed with high-performance and great to be modified. These JDM jewels are perfect for daily drives while still showcasing outstanding performance times on the track.

Sticky tires. No stretch, all squared. They do present an irresistible appeal when combined with proper lowerings.

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Words and Photography by:
Charles J
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