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Permaisuri Thursday // MINI Cooper S on Work

From circuit paddocks to car show floors, these 2-piece S1R Work Wheels have found a special place in the hearts of many. Classic five spokes design mated with gorgeous step lips, and put together under a lightweight spun forged construction method. With custom made offsets down to 1mm increments and a wide range of color options, these S1R’s proved to be a great wheel of choice for the precise-fitment-enthusiasts. Whether it’d be ‘flush’, ‘poke’ or ‘tucked-in’ that you’re seeking for, we’ve seen plenty of great executions done with these wheels.

What I have today is a MINI Cooper S submitted by Permaisuri. The matte black face / polished step lips combo on these wheels has definitely worked very well complimenting the Cooper’s monochromatic color scheme! Topped off by the nicely adjusted KW Suspension setup, the MINI is now looking ready to tackle all those weekend night drives stylishly.

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Mods Specs
Work Meister S1R 18″x8.5
Toyo T1Sport 215/40
Akrapovic exhaust
KW Suspension

TOP 1 Synthetic Oil