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Delightful Shine // SLK on AMG

You might’ve seen his boosted GT86 posted a while back. With an AVO turbo kit and a mod-list so staggering that it should definitely be considered as one of finest 86’s in town; Heintje has surely known his way around building some great modded rides. Today our team has had the chance to shoot his other ride, the Mercedes Benz SLK. Satisfied with the 86’s performance, he took quite a different approach with the SLK’s build. Instead of focusing on performance the way he did with the 86, he opted for the aesthetical upgrades for the Benz. AMG upgrades to be precise.

Profound and posh. Heintje has installed a complete set of original SLK 55 AMG bodykit onto his R172 to freshen up the look of his ride. Giving it a much sportier posture without the excessive “look at me” message that other non-OEM manufacturers often brag about.

The complete set of body kit comes with AMG rear diffusers, which were then paired with AMG exhaust.

Such quad exhaust setup has definitely toned up the rear end of the compact convertible.

A set of AMG 5-spoke wheels have also been installed to keep up with the whole OEM look of the build.

The slight concave on those rear wheels have demonstrated how OEMs are keeping up with the latest trends without going over-the-top about it.

A great success worldwide, the SLK platform has won the hearts of many with its nimble handling and exciting roof-down driving experiences. It’s no wonder that Heintje hasn’t even thought about upgrading the Benz’s performance; it’s a great tourer already the moment it left the factory.

A set of AMG brakes have complimented those gorgeous five-spoke AMG wheels. Further improving the handling and braking power of the sporty convertible.

As apparent in Heintje’s other build, he definitely loves the details. If you look closely…

…he has even installed the AMG-spec IWC centre clock onto his Merc’s dashboard; creating a much more luxurious cabin.

Modification Specs

AMG Bodykit
AMG Exhaust

IWC Analogue Centre Clock

AMG 5-Spoke Wheels
AMG brakes

TOP 1 Synthetic Oil

Additional Infos
Photography by:
Winston J
Mobile: +6281932092426