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Show Off // Kevin’s S500 on Work VS

In case you’re wondering, these so called “Show Off” articles on HnP are dedicated to fans submission pics or some quick shoots by our photographers. Couple of days ago I’ve posted the Accord on BBS shot by Charles, and today we have this S500 on VS as our spotlight, sent in all the way from Surabaya.

Having owned the S500 since 2001, it wasn’t until the past year that Kevin started putting some work into his 320hp Euro sedan. His major aims at the time were minor audio and exterior upgrades, all while keeping the classy look of the Merc. Which then leads to his decision on installing the Wald bodykit we’re looking at today, accompanied by Work VS wheels which he had a crush on when he was travelling to Jakarta.

Despite having already roamed the streets of Surabaya for more than a decade, to my eyes this W220 hasn’t lost its charm at all. Perhaps it’s Mercedes’s timeless design. Perhaps it’s the VS wheels. Or perhaps it’s the upscale image that all S-Class’s share. A gentleman’s luxurious large sedan.

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Modification Specs

Wald Bodykit
Flat hood emblem
HID 4300K

Alpine 9887
Audison Bit one
Domination Driftking 1500.4 x 2pc
Domination R50(tweeter)
Domination Racing R6(mid)
APL Focus 10″ sub
Cap-bank PCA 5F

Work VS 20″x9-11 ET32-35
Accelera PHI 255/35 275/30

TOP 1 Synthetic Oil

Additional Infos
Owner: kevin_tanojo
Photographer: channingjo