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A Matter of Choice // GT86 on ADV.1

Aggressively fitted. JDM style. Rocket-bunnied. Time-attack tuned. You name it, and I’m pretty sure there’s been a GT86 built on those routes. I’ve personally seen quite a lot of GT86’s both online and in person. But this, this particular one we are featuring today, quite frankly, is the first GT86 I’ve seen with ADV.1 wheels. While other owners might opt for Japanese wheels to compliment their Japanese prides, Triski (owner) chose this set of US brand wheels instead. Quite the peculiar choice, isn’t it.

Three months in waiting and this staggered set of ADV.1 5.01’s finally arrived on Triski’s hands. One-piece forged in production, finished in textured matte dark sparkle grey, and designed with that ever-so-popular concave profile in mind. Coupled with a set of KW V3+ coilovers, these 19″ wheels are looking perfectly fitted to the 86’s wheel arches.

Moving on from the wheels fetish, Triski has also worked on the air flow system of the 86’s boxer engine. Through an installation of HKS Racing Suction kit + HKS Legamax Premium exhaust, the GT86 is now sounding and performing better as a proper grown-up sports car.

Modification Specs

ADV.1 5.01 19″x8.5-10
Michelin Sport tyres
KW V3+ coilover

HKS Racing Suction
HKS Legamax Premium Exhaust
Custom Mid Pipe
Cusco Front Strutbar
Simota Oil Filter
TRD Engine Start Button

TOP 1 Synthetic Oil

Additional Infos

Photography by:
Charles J
Automotive Photographer based in Jakarta and Singapore.
Phone: +6287886807762