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GENESIS Car Show and Gath // hawk’n’poke X Hellaflush // Part 3

With location, budget, partners and sponsors all set, the GENESIS team were ready to rock Flavor Bliss on the 26th of January 2013. But then, the inevitable happened: flood disaster on the 17th. Cars submerged. Citizens became refugees. Houses flooded with water up to 1.5 meter deep. It’s a flood disaster at a scale like none that ever happened before. Well aware of the conditions and weather forecasts for the 26th, our team arranged an internal meeting with sponsors and partners. The meeting was concluded with the decision to postpone the show to 23 February 2013. Not only were some of the cars trapped in owners’ houses and workshops, we were also considering the “appropriateness” of holding a show and gath event in the midst of a disaster.

With about a month of spare time we had, our team made several additional GENESIS trailers to keep up the audience’s enthusiasm towards the event. Here’s a look at the trailer we made during that time.

I’ll continue the story later in part 4 article!

Josh’s City must’ve been the most-changed car of all. You must’ve seen his beaten, rusty, daily driven blue City during both PS and Bandung registration meet. Since then, he has prepped up the car to be clean and proper, just like the show’s theme. And the end result surely worths the efforts. Well done!

I have a thing for Nanda’s cabrio. The E36’s so rare and nicely fitted. Kept on looking good despite being poured by rain and splashed by dirts.

I love vintage wheels but not many of them actually have lips. This Remotec, as you can see, has plenty of those.

Some say he has invented an invisible paint job but has forgotten to paint the front bumper likewise.

I’ll be honest here. When Mex sent me a picture of this classic JDM, saying the owner wanted to register, I have no idea what it was. Turned out to be Celica XX.

Chae’s yellow Jazz. I’m liking the yellow-silver combo. Also notice Akram’s E46 in the background. It seems that he has tampered with the wheels fitment a bit more, making them sit closer to the fender lines. Oh and congrats to Akram for winning a RP 5,000,000 KW Suspensions voucher!

Micel’s USDM-styled rusty fit and Hafiedz’s one of a kind Peugeot. Quite possibly one of the nicest Peugeot in town.

Rayjie’s Mazda 2. The fitment he had on this ride is downright daring.

A line up of highends in the show. We’ve set up additional security in this particular show area.

Ahmad’s Civic on Zender. It’s old. It’s brown. And yet it’s utterly mesmerizing.

SpeedCreed VIP parking area. Thanks to bro Mike and all SC members for their participation!

A random visitor. I’ve been struggling with my 11cm-ground-clearance daily driver and yet this guy drives his car close to 0cm-ground-clearance. Mind blown.

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Photography by:
Alwafi Auzan
Mobile: 08568428110