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Jakdrift Slidefest // hawk’n’poke Car Gathering // Part 3

More Jakdrift Slidefest // hawk’n’poke Car Gathering pictures! Pada Part 3 ini ada lebih banyak penampakan dari stanced cars yang hadir hari itu. Be sure to check Part 1 → and Part 2 → if you haven’t!

A closer look at the New 911. Introduced in Indonesia on 8 March 2012 and here it is attending our gathering two weeks later.

Juke biru dari K.O.G. ini pernah hadir di gathering sebelumnya. Tetapi kali ini bagian kaki-kaki di-update dengan penggunaan Enkei wheels.

Salah satu Swift dari Swift Club Indonesia. It’s sitting on a set of Alpina wheels.

AE86 Levin

BMW 3-Series dengan Work VS-XX. Mobil ini yang featured pada artikel stance off beberapa hari yang lalu.

Black on black A4 milik Ade dari Garage Club. Full feature of the car: Ade’s A4 →

Aliran stanced di Indonesia sudah merambat ke berbagai macam tipe mobil. Contohnya compact MPV Livina ini yang sitting tightly on its stretched tires.

Can never go wrong with simple body kits and fitted BBS wheels.

Widi dengan Altis widebody-nya. If we were to have an award for the sickest static daily driven car on the gathering, this car would have definitely be entitled to the throphy.

Another contender for sick fitment. Those rears are tight!

Beberapa mobil dari Swift Club Indonesia yang turut meramaikan gathering.

Part 3 ini mengakhiri rangkaian liputan Jakdrift Slidefest // hawk’n’poke Car Gathering. Want to have your cars featured here? Come to our next gathering, we’ll keep you updated once the date’s been set. Otherwise, you could always book an appointment with our photographers via

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